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Astro engine pitra-dosha

Hindus believe in rebirths and fruits of past karmas, Pitra dosha – as per Vedic texts is formed when there is conjunction of Sun with either Saturn, Rahu or ketu.

Sun is the karaka for the soul and father. When it gets afflicted a native, due to his own deeds in the past births, faces lot of problems in present life.

His marriage gets delayed

Marital happiness is missing.

Career stabilizes after a lot of effort.

There is inferiority complex in the native because his fellows reach high places in front of him and he lags behind.

Relation with father is not good.

A person can perform “shanti” for this dosha and he will have a better future after the puja. If you have this dosha then Pandit JI Ashok Bharadwaj can perform the puja on your behalf. You will be getting the full video of the puja and the prasadm by courier.

Pitra dosh nivaran puja by pt Ashok Bhardwaj

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