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Astro engine mangal-dosha

Mangal dosh or manglik is a  combination when in a horoscope mars occupies 12, 1, 4, 7, 8 house from ascendant, moon or Venus. Mangal dosha is considered very inauspicious for marriage or married life. It is seen in thousands of charts that when there is divorce, separation or widowhood to the female, mars has been found in these houses. Though it is not the only reason for all these and Mars alone is not to be blamed for such incidents, the main reason is the deeds performed in the past lives.

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There are remedies prescribed for this dosha and the best remedy is “Bhaat pooja” done in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. You can get it done for you if you feel you need a fully vedic remedy done in the most appropriate way.

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