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Career Report by VG Ramachandra Pavan


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Right decisions at correct time are the basis of a bright and successful career. This report will give you the insights to do exactly same and move towards a happy and successful career. If you are facing some problems in your career then VGR Pawan will tell you how to overcome those problems. If you are looking to start your career then VGR Pavan will tell you the right career path to choose for a bright and successful future.


The remedies will be included as and when required which will include gemstone, rudraksha, pooja (yagya) recommendations for your better career.

What the report will include

  1. Astrological plus points of your chart
  2. Your ascendant, moon sign, sun sign
  3. Analyses by the astrologer
  4. Answer to your query
  5. Astro advice and remedies

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