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Astro engine kaal-sarp-dosha

Kaal sarp yoga is a combination of planets when at the time of birth of antive all the planets are hemmed between rahu and ketu. It is sadi to be a very malefic dosha and it is caused due to the bad deeds done by a native in the past birth. Some say it is due to the reason that one has killed a snake in one of previous lives.

The native has to suffer a lot of bad things, it is said, but it is also seen that native having this dosha have become icons too like sachin tandulkar, jawahar lal Nehru etc. So this yoga proves to be a boon and a bane both.

If you are experiencing problems in your life due to this dosha and are not able to progress in life further then you can take help of our panditji Ashok Bhradwaj who performs kaal sarp nivaran puja at Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. You do not have to be physically present there for the puja, we will send you the video recording of the puja and the prasadam and further instructions by courier. So don’t worry even if you are at other end of universe we will do the remedy for you with full and prescribed procedure.

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