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Astro engine angarak-yoga

This yoga is formed when there is conjunction of Mars and Rahu in a birth chart. When this happens in 1, 2 or 8th house then it is the worst combination as these houses are connected with one’s personal life.

In Vedic astrology it is considered very malefic for the native if Mars is not favorable for the native. Otherwise there is no harm to the native.

Some texts agree that when Mars and Saturn aspects each other or are conjunct then also this dosha is formed but rahu mars is agreed upon by one and all.


  1. The native is short tempered and violent.
  2. Females with this combination have a very taunting nature towards their husbands.
  3. The native may suffer from serious illness.
  4. There may be frequent accidents and bone problems.
  5. Students cannot concentrate on their studies rather they waste time with friends of lower society.
  6. There are losses in property and business.


  1. One should avoid non veg and liquor or other intoxications
  2. Rahu and mangal shanty pooja should be performed.
  3. One should offer milk on “shivalinga” on Tuesdays.
  4. Keep water in a copper vessel near pillow and in the morning throw it in a cactus plant.
  5. Donating blood is also a good remedy for the same.

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